Why Some Workplaces Choose A Hydraulic Press Over A Mechanical One

Posted on: 19 September 2022

Fluids do not compress easily. As a result, a hydraulic press needs to put a significant amount of pressure on hydraulic fluids to squeeze them so that force can then be transferred. Mechanical presses are available as an alternative, but there are several reasons why a hydraulic press is often chosen instead.

More Control

Compared with a mechanical press, a hydraulic press provides you with a lot of control. With the hydraulic press, high-pressure oil is forced into the cylinder and then pressure is distributed evenly. The directional control valves are responsible for extending or retracting throughout the operation of the hydraulic press. Proportional control valves and pump controls control the force and speed of the press.

Less Expensive

A hydraulic press is considered to be less expensive than a mechanical press. The cost of maintaining a hydraulic press is also lower than that of maintaining a mechanical press because it does not break down as often. The hydraulic press also has parts that are less expensive.


Hydraulic presses are often used because they are less noisy as well. There is less noise because the hydraulic press uses fewer moving parts. This is important because sound pollution can lead to distractions and can also cause hearing problems.

No Issue with Overloading

With a hydraulic press, you will not have to worry about overloads. This is because the press will only exert the amount of pressure that it is rated to exert. When the press reaches a certain pressure level, a relief valve opens so that the pressure cannot increase any further.

Takes Up Less Space

A hydraulic press can be a better option if your workplace has limited space because it does not take up as much space as a mechanical press. Therefore, it is easier to add and integrate into the workspace.


The hydraulic press is not only considered to be more economical but also has the ability to produce more intricate shapes when used in an industrial setting. There are different types of hydraulic presses your business can choose based on your needs, and the hydraulic press can also be customized. 

There are also different configurations you can choose from. For example, a hydraulic press can be automatic and can be controlled by microprocessors. It's also possible to use a version that is operated by hand. You will need to decide on which configuration is right for the tasks you will be performing. 

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