3 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Custom Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Posted on: 4 January 2022

Custom hydraulic hose assemblies aren't cheap. The last thing you want is for the hose assembly you have invested so much money in to fail during normal machine operation.

It's important that you are proactive in helping to ensure the longevity and performance of your custom hose assembly.

Here are three simple things that you can do to extend the working life of your custom hydraulic hoses well into the future.

1. Assemble Your Hoses Properly

You must exercise caution when handling your hydraulic hoses during the assembly process. A custom hose assembly will need to be installed according to exact specifications if you want to avoid accidental hose damage.

Always use tools that are designed specifically for use with hydraulic components to avoid any tearing, slicing, or cutting of the hydraulic hoses during assembly.

If you take your time and assemble your hoses properly, you can rest assured knowing that your custom assembly will continue to perform efficiently well after the installation process is complete.

2. Secure Hoses Properly

Once you have assembled the base components of your hydraulic assembly, you will need to ensure that each hydraulic hose is secured properly.

Hoses need to be routed properly and crimped into place using specialized crimping tools and fittings in order to function efficiently.

If you have planned out your custom assembly properly, you should have ample room to run each hose without exposing any hydraulic hoses to friction, vibration, or compression that might shorten their usable lifespan.

Always verify that your hydraulic hoses are properly secured before you fire up a piece of machinery. Running a machine with loose hydraulic hoses could result in a major mechanical failure.

3. Always Use Hose Sleeves

Protective sleeves are available for hydraulic hoses of all lengths and diameters. It's important that you utilize these sleeves whenever you invest in a custom hydraulic hose assembly if you want to maximize the life of the assembly as a whole.

Sleeves offer protection against damage caused by friction between hoses or a hose and mechanical elements (like surface joints or valve fittings) of your machine.

Specialty sleeves can also shield your hydraulic hoses against temperature fluctuations, helping to extend the life of each hose within your custom assembly.

It's important to do all that you can to protect the integrity of your hydraulic hoses. Proper installation, secure hose connections, and hose sleeves are all elements that you can employ to ensure the longevity of a custom hose assembly.