How To Appropriately Respond To Hydraulic Cylinder Issues

Posted on: 26 August 2020

Hydraulic cylinders are used for operations and industries that require strong linear force. Since they are put through so much force, though, they can face issues. That's okay, and you can respond correctly by taking these actions.

Study and Document the Problem

There are plenty of hydraulic repair shops that can help with cylinder issues, but so that they know what to do before ever heading out to your work site, familiarize yourself with the problem at hand.

It may be an issue with the cylinder's piston or the cylinder's pressure may be off and creating performance problems. Whatever is wrong, study it and then write down the symptoms you're noticing.

A thorough and thought out approach to documenting the issue can ensure the repair company brings with them the right equipment and already has an idea of what to do. That means less downtime for your cylinders ultimately.

Consider Simple Solutions First

Whenever there is an issue with your hydraulic cylinders, that doesn't mean the solution is something you can't handle. You may absolutely be able to in some cases.

For instance, the fluid in your hydraulic system may have become contaminated and is causing the cylinder to malfunction. Typically, this problem only requires you to flush the system and put more pure fluid in.

Or the cylinder pressure may be off and that just means a couple of tweaks and you can get optimal performance again. Always think about what can be done from your part first. There are plenty of guides and manuals to assist for the simpler resolutions.

Find a Skilled and Reputable Repair Company in Dire Times

If something is severely wrong with your hydraulic cylinders, such as piston damage or broken seals, then you can bring in the pros. However, be very careful about which repair company you have work on your hydraulic cylinders.

You can set this repair up for success by ensuring the company you hire is familiar with the hydraulic cylinders on your work site. They'll already know about their layout and systems. 

The cylinder repair company should have a good reputation as well. If they've helped companies like yours with similar repairs and there weren't major reported issues, then you can feel better about what's going to happen around your work site.

Hydraulic cylinders can do so many great things because of the force they can generate. That also means they could suffer complications over the years. If you know what the problem is, approach it carefully, and find professional help when it's needed, you can get these cylinders operational sooner rather than later.