When Crane Rentals Make More Sense For Construction Companies

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Buying a crane is no small feat for construction companies. The cost is quite prohibitive – especially in some situations when owning a crane isn't absolutely essential. That doesn't change the fact that access to a crane is sometimes essential for your business. However, there are times when crane rentals are more cost-effective, not to mention practical, for your business. These are a few occasions when crane rentals make more sense for your construction business.

You're New to the Business

When you're just getting started, the odds are good that you will not need access to cranes 24/7 for your business. In fact, you're likely to have only one or two projects going at any given time. It is when you begin to expand or have a greater need for crane rentals that it is worth weighing your option to buy.

You Don't Have Storage Space

Cranes can take up a lot of room when it comes to storage. Not all construction businesses have infinite storage space. Plus, that kind of storage space in larger cities may come at premium costs, making it inefficient, financially, for you to consider investing in the type of storage space cranes require. If you don't have the storage space already or you will have to pay to park your crane when it isn't in use, be sure to factor that into your calculations.

You're Not Interested in Maintaining Your Cranes

One of the beautiful things about crane rental services is that maintenance isn't your problem. It is the rental company's job to keep the cranes in tip-top operating condition. That frees up your time and attention to focus on the things that earn you profits rather than simply extending the life of your equipment.

You Simply Don't have the Need – At Least not Full Time

Depending on the specific type of construction your company performs, you honestly may not need a full-time crane in your arsenal of products. They do pack a powerful punch, but they have limited applications. If you're not doing the type of construction that requires regular use of cranes, then crane rental services may be your better option both today and in the future.

Just as all construction companies are created differently, so are all crane rental companies. Choose with care to be sure that you're getting the right deal for your needs and for the scope of your business when it comes to crane rental for your construction business.