Three Ways Cranes Help Tree Care Professionals Attract More Clients

Posted on: 4 March 2016

While many tree services can be completed with little more than a few skilled employees, some hand tools and plenty of high-quality rope, many of the biggest (and therefore most lucrative) jobs require the use of a crane. Simply put, if you have access to a crane, you have access to more jobs.  

In fact, crane access is one of the most important ways to differentiate your tree service from the competition. Whether you opt to purchase a crane for your organization or simply rent one on an as-needed basis, you are sure to enjoy an increase in customer inquiries by expanding the menu of services you can provide.

Three of the most common ways tree services use cranes to expand their customer base include the following:

Stabilizing Shifting Trees

A safe track record is one of the most important things any tree service can possess, and few things are as helpful for increasing the number of referrals you receive from existing clients.

Damaged roots, heavy rains and the removal of heavy branches can cause large trees can shift suddenly. In a worst-case scenario, a tree can change position while your crew is actively working on it, putting everyone in the vicinity in grave danger. Cranes make your entire operation safer by allowing you to stabilize trees that are at risk of shifting suddenly. By stabilizing potentially unstable trees beforehand, you can help protect your crew and your client's property.

Lifting Fallen Trees

One of the most labor-intensive tasks that tree-care professionals face involves removing a fallen tree from a house or similar structure. Large trees weigh tens of thousands of pounds, leaving most tree services only one option: Have several employees cut the tree into manageable sections so you can remove it one piece at a time.

However, tree care services with access to a crane can simply lift the tree right back off the building, thereby allowing you to complete more jobs in a given period of time. This is especially advantageous when strong storms cause a large number of trees to fall in the same area – while your competition is still struggling to remove their first tree, you can be on your way to your second or third client.

Transplanting and Installing Mature Trees

Perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs for tree-care professionals is the transplantation of mature trees. Often done to avoid killing historically or culturally important specimens, transplanting a large tree requires the lifting power of a crane -- there is simply no way to transplant a large tree without one.

Additionally, because the transplantation of large trees is often a newsworthy event, cranes not only provide access to transplanting jobs that you couldn't otherwise complete, they help provide you with extra publicity.  

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