Having Transportation Issues In Your Company? Different Trucking Services Available To Take Care Of Your Problems

Posted on: 13 August 2015

When you own a construction business, there may come a time when you are having trouble getting your equipment to the worksite or transporting supplies between locations. The company trucks do the job most of the time, but every once in a while, you may have equipment or goods that need a special truck. Instead of buying and maintaining a truck to handle every different situation, you can use a company that offers trucking services to get everything where it needs to be. Here are a few different services available for hire.


Driving a caterpillar down the highway to get to the worksite usually takes some type of special permission. If you need to get it there in a hurry, or have the whole project delayed, hiring trucking services with a hauler will get it there on time. The company will already have any required permits and can haul the caterpillar a lot faster than if you had to drive it the whole way.

Hazardous Goods

When it comes time to expand your business, and you are moving supplies from an established location to the new one, be sure that you are not transporting hazardous products in a company vehicle. Unless your driver has been through HAZMAT training and you have the appropriate placards for the truck, you can get a serious fine for transporting hazardous materials. These can include paint and cleaning products. Get everything together and hire trucking services to move these items for you.


Moving large piles of materials from one side of the worksite to the other can be very time consuming and dangerous. To make the task much simpler, and faster, use a crane from a Chilliwack crane company. Even if the job is only a single story home, a crane can make light of some of the work. There is no reason to have workers carting around plywood or drywall when a crane can move the whole pile in minutes.

A big part of construction work requires the use of big equipment. This means you have to have a way to get the equipment to the jobsite. Instead of having to buy all the different big trucks, have a contract with a trucking company to provide the different transportation services for you, You won't have to worry about a place to keep these big vehicles, or worry about maintaining them either. However, with a contract, they will be available for your use when needed.