Constructing A Patio With Pavers: Why Sand & A Backhoe Rental Is Useful

Posted on: 20 May 2015

Have you purchased pavers to create a patio in your backyard? You may also want to invest in getting sand before you begin on the project, which can sometimes be purchased from companies that rent out heavy construction equipment. Below, learn about the importance of using sand when constructing a patio with pavers and what kind of equipment to use.

Why is Using Sand Necessary for a Patio Constructed with Pavers?

You need sand because it can be useful for preparing the ground before the pavers are put in place. For instance, proper patio construction with pavers should involve a bed being prepared. The bed should consist of gravel and sand. Dig the ground up as per the thickness of the pavers, and pour gravel in the area. Sand should then be poured on top of the gravel to create a bed that can stabilize the pavers.

The bed of sand and gravel will assist with keeping the pavers in place when you put furniture on the patio. The pavers will also not move when people are walking on the patio. You must also keep in mind that it is natural for pavers to settle in the ground after some time has passed. However, the bed of sand and gravel will keep the patio level during the settling process.

You will also find that using sand is good for making the surface of the patio smooth. After the pavers are placed on the bed of sand and gravel, there will be small spaces between each one. Sand can be used to fill in all of the small spaces. All you have to do is pour sand on the pavers and use a broom to help it settle into the open spaces. Create a bond by spraying water on the finished patio with a garden hose.

What Kind of Equipment Can Be Used for Distributing Sand for a Patio?

The best type of heavy equipment for working with sand on patio construction is a backhoe. The equipment is small enough to fit in an average sized landscape. A backhoe is idea because sand can be lifted and poured with the front end loader, while it can also be used for leveling out the sand. A backhoe rental will usually come with an operator, so you can get the job done even if you don't have the right skills. Take a trip to a heavy equipment company to get sand and a backhoe rental for the construction of your new patio. You can also contact local construction companies, like McNabb Construction Ltd, with questions.